There are many benefits to keeping your central heating system healthy and efficient. Not only will your boiler and heating system last longer and require less maintenance, you’ll save money on heating bills. Here at Home Services Assistance, we’ve compiled a handy list of 5 top tips for a healthy heating system.

System Cleansing

A common cause of heating system inefficiency and boiler breakdown is the build-up of magnetite, more commonly known as ‘black sludge’. Pipework becomes clogged with this substance, making the system less efficient and at greater risk of failure. Radiators may suffer from cold spots and your boiler will have to work harder. Heating engineers often recommend the use of a cleaning chemical that is circulated through the system in order to break down and displace the debris that may have built up.

Regular Flushing

Regular system flushing is a necessary health boost for your heating system. The process flushes the contaminated water through and out of your heating system, cleaning the insides of your pipes, radiators and boilers to remove debris, and then refilling the system with fresh water. A good heating engineer will advise you on the best course of action, with benefits including reductions in radiator cold spots, elimination of noisy or banging pipe work, reduced boiler breakdowns related to contamination, and lower energy bills.

Use a Magnetic Heating System Filter

A simple yet effective solution to the common problem of contamination is the addition of a magnetic boiler filter. There are plenty on the market, and can be easily fitted by your local heating engineer. The filter contains a magnet that catches the debris from the system; allowing it to work more efficiently, and therefore using less energy. Not only will the boiler last longer, the homeowner will also benefit from a reduction in maintenance costs.

Ongoing System Protection

Unfortunately, the generation of the dreaded black sludge can be an ongoing battle; radiators and pipes will always react with heated water to some extent, so the use of a chemical protector treatment is also recommended. Once your plumbing and heating engineer has completed the steps above, you should have a clean, efficient system. Your magnetic filter will be catching the contamination that is created, however, the addition of a chemical that protects against corrosion and scale is also a good idea.

Yearly Boiler Services

In order to make sure that your heating system keeps working efficiently, Home Services Assistance recommends arranging to have a plumbing and heating engineer visit your home once a year to remove debris from your magnetic filter, and service your boiler. We believe that prevention is better than a cure when it comes to keeping your heating system healthy; the more you look after it, the longer it will last, and the better it will perform.

Book a Boiler Service Today

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