Annual Gas Safety ChecksIf you’re a landlord then you are required by law to get a Gas Safety Certificate issued for each of your properties, and the gas safety checks required for the certificate to be issued must be carried out by a registered Gas Safe Engineer. If you’re using an agent to manage your property on your behalf, then you need to check the maintenance schedule on your agreement to check whose responsibility this falls into as it’s not automatically assigned to the agent.

A Gas Safety Certificate will cover: –

• Ventilation – ensuring that you have the correct ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning at your property
• Gas Tightness – ensuring that all standing and working pressures have been tested
• Burner Pressure and Gas Rate – ensuring that all appliances are working as they should be
• Flue Flow – ensuring any products of combustion are removed
• General Safety – ensuring that there is no evidence that any gas appliance is being operated in an unsafe manner

It is important that once your certificate has been issued that you keep copies of the paperwork as you are required by law to keep a copy of all gas inspections on your property for at least two years, and you must provide your tenants with a copy of such certificates with a 28-day period of the checks being made. Remember that you need a certificate for every property that you own.<br.

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