avoid water pressure loss in shower plumber Sheffield

It’s so annoying when you lose water pressure. Especially if you’re half way through a shower at the time. Unfortunately it’s a common problem with a variety of root causes. Here are our suggestions on how to avoid water pressure loss in your shower, from various causes.

Issues With Your Pressure Balancing Valve

Problem: A pressure balancing valve is where your shower has a single knob or handle to control both the temperature and the water flow. This is often at risk of variations caused by other nearby fixtures such as a flushing toilet.

Because this valve mixes the hot and cold at a certain pressure level, when another fixture is used it diverts the water. It then takes the valve a few seconds to adjust for this and when it does adjust, it does so by reducing the pressure in the opposite line, which results in an overall drop in pressure in your shower.

Solution: You can avoid this problem entirely by fitting a different type of valve; a thermostatic mixing valve. This has separate controls for temperature and pressure, so you don’t have the issue caused by the pressure balancing valve.

Your Diverter Valve May Be Malfunctioning

Problem: If you have a shower over your bath you more than likely have a diverter valve. This is a switch that diverts water from the bath up to the shower head.  Over the years, these valves can break or malfunction so that the valve doesn’t open enough to send the correct water pressure to the shower head.  If there is a difference in the water pressure between your bath and your shower, then this is the most likely cause.

Solution: All this needs is a replacement diverter valve.

An Issue With Your Water Pressure Reduction Valve

Problem: If you are having issues with every appliance and fixture in your house then the cause if likely to be closer to the water source rather than on a particular pipe or system.  Some houses have a water pressure reduction valve connected to the main water line, close to the point at which the line enters the house.  These valves can malfunction or break over time or it may just need adjusting.

Solution: Adjustment or replacement of you water pressure reduction valve.

Your Pipes or Shower Head May Be Clogged

Problem: The easiest, and quickest, thing to fix would be if your pipes or shower head are simply clogged. Additionally, if you live in a hard water area, you may have limescale building up inside your pipes or shower head.  This gradually reduces the water flow and cam eventually affect your water pressure.

Solution: For a clogged shower head, you could soak it in cleaning solution and then clean the nozzles thoroughly with a scrubbing brush or toothbrush.

You can avoid limescale build up by installing a water softening system, but if your pipes are badly clogged they may need to be professionally cleaned or replaced.

Your May Have a Broken or Obstructed Pipe

Problem: This is the worst cause of a drop in water pressure to your shower and a leak of this kind could, potentially, do quite a lot of damage where you can’t see it.  It’s very difficult to identify if this is the cause of a drop in pressure, but if you can hear or see drips or notice water stains in your home then these could be an indicator.

Solution: Shut off the water supply and call a plumber.

If you can’t figure out what the problem is with your water pressure, or have any other plumbing problems, we’d be happy to help. Just call Home Services Assistance on 0333 313 3134 or email us on info@homeservicesassistance.co.uk