Which is Best, a Bath or a Shower?We all need to get clean, whether it’s a long, luxurious soak in the bath or a short, sharp burst in the shower. We all have a preference for shower or bath and there are some strong arguments for and against each, but which is best?

Because it depends on your own personal priorities, the answer is clearly, whichever you prefer. So, let’s compare the two for various aspects and see if we can find a winner.

1. Which is most convenient?

Well, if this was the only thing to judge on, then a shower would win hands down.  It’s quick and easy and you spend all your time nearly from turning the shower on, actually getting clean. Then a quick dry, dressed and you’re on with the rest of your day.

A bath. Nothing quite so quick. Granted, a bath is meant to take some time, but there are other aspects that make it difficult to quickly get clean in a bath too. Take, for example, washing your hair. It’s not easy to do in a bath, and rinsing it afterwards is tricky and time consuming.  You also need to rinse yourself off with clean water once you get out of your bath so you aren’t covered in dried on soap. Technically, that’s taking a shower!

Our best advice on these points is to have a handheld shower attachment installed on your bath fitting. It’ll save you time washing your hair and allow you to rinse off without sprinting to the shower after your bath.

2. Which is most eco friendly?

Unless you have really long showers, then showering is definitely the most environmentally friendly option.  On average, a bath uses about 35-40 gallons of water, whereas the standard shower head uses about five gallons per minute. Some more environmentally friendly models may even use as little as two gallons per minute.

3. Which is best for your skin?

With all the bath bombs and skin tonics you can buy nowadays, you’d think a bath would be better for your skin than a shower, but you might be wrong.  Long hot baths can dry your skin out, leading to itching and flaking and people with skin conditions or even sensitive skin can have worse reactions.  Showers, on the other hand, mean less time in cooler water, and so will help avoid this issue.

4. Which is most relaxing?

Well, here’s an out and out win for the bath!

For starters, you’re laying down in a bath and standing up in a shower. With a bath you can relax your entire body and add other things into the mix like aromatherapy bath bombs and music. You really can create a relaxing experience.

Furthermore, soaking in warm water can relax muscles and assist in recovery from physical stress.

Whatever your preference, shower or bath (or both) we at Home Services Assistance can help you find the right fixtures and fittings to make your daily routine perfect for you.