boiler repairs blackburn

Nobody likes it when they have to have a new boiler installed or an old appliance repaired. After all, it’s not exactly a fun purchase, is it?

However, it would seem that many people in the UK are planning on updating their appliances this year, with new research revealing that 17 per cent of homeowners are looking to install new boilers at home this year.

Figures from Money show that other projects included on the renovation wishlist are new kitchens, extensions, new bathrooms, garden makeovers, attic conversions, open plan spaces and double glazing.

Matt Sanders, spokesman for the company, said: “Whether it’s to increase your living space to accommodate your growing family or to reduce your household bills by improving your home’s energy efficiency, home improvements are a great way of making your home a nicer place to live and can add value to your property.”

He did add, however, that it’s important to bear in mind that renovation projects can be costly so it’s best to work out how you intend to finance your refurbishments before you start.

What you do need to remember is that it’s not just the cost of the appliance that you need to factor in. You will also have to meet the installation costs as well, so make sure that you budget for this at the same time.

If you need any help with boiler service or repair, get in touch with us here at Home Services Assistance today. We can help ensure your boiler system works perfectly and really stands the test of time.