Shower running with hot water

You tend to think that the winter months are the ones that will put pressure on your boiler, leaving it tired and in need of a good service once the spring rolls around again. But new research has just revealed that the summer months may also be having a negative impact on this particular appliance, so you  would be wise to be careful at this time of year and keep a proper eye on how your boiler is faring.

The ADEY Professional Heating Solutions survey found that nearly one in five people are likely to shower more than once a day during the week, increasing from the one in ten who do the same in the winter. What’s more, 70 per cent say they prefer a shower to a bath in the summer, compared to 55 per cent in the winter. And given that one-third admitted that they either play sports or work out to such an extent that they need a shower or bath afterwards up to six times a week, it seems as though boilers really are under quite a lot of strain at this time of year.

Despite this, however, the study also found that over a quarter of homeowners haven’t had their boilers serviced in the last year – and as we always say to our customers here at Home Services Assistance, you need to have your boiler serviced regularly so that you can continue to enjoy your creature comforts without having to worry.

John Vaughan, chief executive of ADEY, said: “The consequences of being without hot water as a result of boiler breakdown are hugely disruptive. Nearly half of people told us they’d  either decamp to family and friends or go to their gym to shower if their hot water failed at home. That’s a significant different to the impact of heating failing in winter, when just four per cent said they would go to family and friends to keep warm.”

The days are already getting shorter and winter really is on its way, no matter how hard a truth that is to swallow, so it makes sense to be as prepared as possible for the colder months by having your boiler checked over during the summer, when it’s perhaps less urgent if your appliance does break down.

It’s like anything with home maintenance – it’s always easier to get it done during good weather. You wouldn’t leave checking your roof over until December when it’s raining, snowy and there are slippy wet leaves everywhere, would you? It would be far too dangerous to get up on the roof yourself! In the same way, you shouldn’t wait until you really need your boiler before having it serviced. You could find yourself stranded without heating and hot water at the coldest time of the year.

To get on top of it all – or if you’re looking for boiler repairs and servicing in Blackburn – get in touch with us here at Home Services Assistance to see how we can help keep your boiler in excellent health, so you can make it through the winter in one piece.