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Britain has enjoyed balmy temperatures over the last few days, with some areas experiencing regular readings of the high 20Cs.

However, those who have gotten used to wearing their summer clothes and enjoying an evening barbecue after work might have to adjust their expectations somewhat. This is because forecasters have predicted our spell of good weather is now coming to an abrupt end.

The Met Office’s chief meteorologist Paul Gunderson said the temperatures of high 20Cs and 30Cs is not expected any longer as the airflow is coming from a south-easterly direction, not a southerly direction from Spain and north Africa like previously predicted.

“It does not look like the fine spell will last into the coming weekend. From Wednesday onwards there will be a gradual change to more unsettled conditions from the south-west, particularly at the end of the week,” he stated.

Not only will temperatures not remain as high, many parts of the UK should expect heavy rainstorms and thunder.

As the climate changes significantly as the weekend approaches, homeowners might be tempted to swap their fans for central heating to keep warm once the temperatures drop.

Those who do will not be alone, as Emo Oil recently reported 36 per cent turn on their heating during the summer months, with those in the north-east doing so more often than any other area.

Indeed, while there are other ways to keep warm, 22 per cent of Brits do not use a hot water bottle and only 29 per cent put on extra layers during the summer.

This could motivate those who have put off their boiler repairs in Doncaster for the season thinking they will not need their central heating for a while, to get the work done as soon as possible.

The biggest culprits when it comes to turning on the heating during summer are women, with females typically switching it on 24 times during the supposedly warmer months, compared with men who do so on an average of just 12 occasions.

Marketing manager at Emo Oil Suzanne Waddell also noted more people in the north tend to use their central heating during the summer than those in the south.

“The research shows a picture of who in the UK is quickest to hit the thermostat for a blast of welcoming warmth, with a north-south divide quite apparent – those further down south seem to hold their nerve a little longer,” she stated.

This could be due to the fact that southern England tends to experience higher temperatures than the north. For instance, the Met Office revealed England experienced 176.3 hours of sunshine hours in July, compared with Scotland’s 96.6 hours. Similarly, England had 38.6mm of rainfall, while those north of the Scottish border faced 137mm of rain during the same month.

If you happen to live in northern England or Scotland, you might have greater urgency to get your boiler repairs done as soon as possible to be certain your central heating is in working order when you need to turn it on.

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