Biomass energy pelletsPeople these days are increasingly interested in being more eco-friendly and doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint, and if you’re one of them then it might be worth looking into biomass heating and how you could benefit from this way of heating your house.

You’ll be pleased to hear that biomass can normally be integrated into the heating and hot water system you already have, which is sure to make it particularly attractive since it basically means less work than you might have anticipated.

Biomass is generally more environmentally friendly than other forms of heating because when the fuel burns around the same amount of CO2 is released as is absorbed by the trees when they’re growing. However, remember that because there are still carbon emissions involved in the transportation, processing and extraction of the fuel source, it’s not considered carbon neutral.

If you want a biomass boiler, you’ll find that these are usually bigger than the boilers you might be used to, but they’re used to heat your entire house as well as provide you with hot water. You can choose between a log, pellet or chip boiler, although the latter will probably not be suitable for residential use because they operate at their most efficient for larger systems.

If you opt for wood pellets, you’ll find they’re made from by-products like saw dust and that they have a very low moisture content. They’re very energy-dense – more so than either logs or chips – and they also take up a lot less space, which is ideal for homeowners.

Bear in mind, however, that a biomass heating system will need plenty of air to circulate around it so make sure that you have a good air supply and excellent ventilation. You may need to install additional vents – but you can ask your engineer for further advice on this matter. You’ll also have to make sure that your system meets UK building regulations, so get in touch with your local council if you need any more information on this front.

The Wood Fuel South West Advice Service has come up with a guide to biomass heating systems that could certainly be worth a read if you’re seriously looking into making this change at home. It recommends that you look into other energy efficiency measures before installing a biomass heating system as this will help you to reduce your heating demands and will ultimately mean that you can opt for a smaller and cheaper system that actually requires less fuel.

Key benefits of biomass heating include that it can be sourced locally, the fuels generate far lower levels of pollutants than fossil fuels and using biomass as fuel encourages sustainable management of woodlands, which will benefit biodiversity.

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