Electricity pylon

Homeowners would be wise to review their energy usage if they want to keep bills to a minimum, as new research has revealed that the cost of household energy is climbing once again. A number of different energy providers have withdrawn their best deals and brought in more expensive tariffs instead, off the back of rises in wholesale energy prices and the levels of uncertainty that have arisen because of Brexit.

According to Gocompare.com, the top ten cheapest dual fuel tariffs as of July 18th are Avro Energy (£758), GB Energy Supply (£765), Avro Energy (£766), Co-Operative Energy (£770), Places For People (£771), iSupply (£776), So Energy (£779), GB Energy Supply (£780), Affect Energy (£785) and npower (£786).

The typical top ten best buy tariff is currently £26 a year higher than at the beginning of June, although it’s important to bear in mind that these top ten deals are still £24 less a year than they were at the start of 2016 on average.

There’s no denying that the last couple of years have been great for consumers, a period of falling wholesale energy prices which resulted in a competitive price war in the UK’s domestic market with smaller companies fighting for market share from the big six. This looks set to change, however, so homeowners would be wise to be as prepared as possible.

Energy spokesman at Gocompare.com Ben Wilson said: “That element of competition isn’t going to go away, but we expect to see prices rise in the coming months. If you haven’t switched provider recently, now could well be a good time to shop around and secure a saving.”

Don’t worry too much if you haven’t switched suppliers recently – or ever. You certainly aren’t alone. Further research from Gocompare.com found that 43 per cent of Brits (that’s 21 million people) haven’t switched providers for any of the ten most common financial products in the year leading up to 13th June 2016. Car insurance is actually the most likely product to be switched and a mortgage the least likely.

Nobody likes to pay over the odds for anything but if you compare the competition against the deal you’re currently on, you’ll know that you’re getting the best value for money for that particular product. There are so many different companies out there that it only makes sense to check every now and again (annually is probably best, when your deal comes to an end) to see what else is out there. Companies and banks want to take customers away from the main players in their field, and it’s likely that you’ll end up paying more if you’re loyal to just one provider. If the one you’re currently with doesn’t measure up to the competition, it makes sense to move elsewhere.

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