Carbon monoxide detector alarm

When at home, you’re sure to have safety and security on your mind. After all, there’s nothing more important than making sure your family stays safe at all times. No doubt you have your boilers serviced each and every year so you can spot any problems and help reduce the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can happen if you have a faulty boiler. And no doubt you have a carbon monoxide alarm installed at home that can alert you immediately if there is a problem.

However, do you continue operating with this same level of caution when you’re on holiday? The answer is probably not. You’re all far too busy having fun and enjoying your time away from it all to think about carbon monoxide poisoning – and that’s exactly the way it should be. Taking a break from it all means taking a break from the stress and pressures of home-ownership as well, but you do still need to be aware that the same potential problems exist in your holiday home as they do when you’re back at your house – especially if there is a gas boiler on the premises.

What you don’t know is how vigilant the owners of your holiday home are. While you may have your boiler checked every year, they may be slacker in this regard. They may not even have a carbon monoxide alarm installed on site, although you would certainly hope that this is the case.

To help protect yourself and your family from potential dangers while on holiday, it would certainly be wise to consider taking your own carbon monoxide alarm away with you so you don’t have to worry about anything once you get to the holiday site. Earlier this month, National Grid launched its Take it With You campaign, encouraging holidaymakers to go away with their own carbon monoxide alarm as a precaution.

Research from the organisation has found that 50 per cent of people aren’t worried about the risk of CO poisoning while enjoying a stay in privately rented holiday accommodation, while 47 per cent said they never checked if there was a CO alarm installed in the property they last holidayed at. What’s more, 84 per cent didn’t have a portable CO detector with them.

Head of gas operations for National Grid’s London Network Phil Clarke said: “Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal and every year we hear of tragedies that could easily have been avoided … With holidaymakers increasingly shunning hotels and resorts in favour of homes from private rental websites, it’s important that we remind them to check that their gas appliances are safe. Most people are not gas safety experts so the best advice is that they take a CO alarm with them.”

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