The family of a woman who sadly died just two short months after her wedding from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is now calling on the government to introduce tough new laws to help protect people against the silent killer, as the gas if often referred to because it’s odourless and very difficult to detect.

Gordon Samuel, father of former Daily Express journalist Katie Haines, recently set up the Katie Haines Memorial Trust to call for laws to be changed so that all landlords in the UK are required to fit CO alarms as standard in their properties.

Gas safety week has just come to an end (running between September 19th and 25th) so there’s no better time than right now to enter into this discussion, with a new poll from the Trust revealing that two out of five people in this country are actually at risk of being poisoned by CO in their own homes.

“My wife Avril and I lost our precious daughter Katie to carbon monoxide. Weeks after her wedding, she was poisoned by carbon monoxide leaking from a defective boiler in her home.
We formed the Katie Haines Memorial Trust to try and raise awareness of this terrible silent killer and make sure that nobody else loses loved ones in such a senseless, avoidable way,” Mr Samuel told the newspaper.

NHS figures show that over 200 people each year are hospitalised as a result of CO poisoning, with about 50 people dying because of the gas. Last year, legislation was introduced demanding
that rental properties with solid fuel carbon-burning appliances must have a CO alarm fitted. However, because the majority of rental homes use gas, this legislation offers the majority of renters
no protection at all.

Mr Samuel explained that the night Katie died started off as a normal evening – his daughter turned on the TV, fed the cat and ran a bath. When her husband came home, he found the cat unconscious in the hallway and knew straightaway that something was wrong. It’s thought that Katie had been overcome by the amount of CO, tried to stand up in the bath and fell over, hitting her head on the side of the bath and sadly drowning as a result.

There’s no need to be afraid to have gas appliances in your property but you do need to know what your responsibilities are in order to keep your family safe. For example, you should make sure all the gas appliances in your home are regularly serviced and safety checked each and every year. If you’re a renter, always ask your landlord for a copy of the current Gas Safety Record. Familiarise yourself with the different signs of CO poisoning, which include nausea, breathlessness, dizziness, headaches, collapse and loss of consciousness.

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