boiler repair LeedsWhile homes will always be in need of the best boiler repairs Leeds has to offer, it seems that more and more people are turning to the internet to score a deal on cheap on plumbing supplies from specialist retailers.

While the leading purchases consist of the likes of shower controls, bathroom taps and other accessories, it seems that many homeowners are looking online for a good deal on a boiler too.

The findings from the Internet Plumbing and Heating Market Report, reported by Installer Online, found that in 2015 the online retail market for plumbing supplies exploded by 28 per cent. A total of 80 per cent of those sales came from specialist retailers who only retail online and don’t have a showroom, while the extra 20 per cent came from non-specialists.

Keith Taylor, Director of AMA Research said: “Consumers are already using the internet for purchases of individual items, in particular replacement products, but future growth is largely dependent on the uptake of online purchasing among plumbers and installers.”

But why are more people feeling confident buying their plumbing supplies online? Well, according to the research, it’s for a number of reasons. Not only are people spending more time on the internet and therefore able to research more, they’re also putting more faith into online reviews as well as bloggers. These are both now the most trusted way to get information on plumbing supplies for most potential buyers.

So when it comes to getting a new boiler, would you be brave enough to buy yourself online, or would you leave it to your trusted installer to help you find the perfect fit?