boiler repairs leedsHomeowners who are trying to sell their property may be tempted to look into boiler repairs in Leeds, after it was revealed that inefficient or old heating systems are one of the biggest turn off for house Hunters.

According to the latest research from Mortgages, 45 per cent of homebuyers are put off when they find a property with an old boiler.

However, the thing that most people are deterred by when looking around a home is damp patches or stains on the walls or ceilings, with 71 per cent turning down houses because of this.

Matt Sanders, spokesman for the mortgage provider, said: “Our survey suggests that many homebuyers want a home that’s ready to move into and are put off by properties requiring repairs or maintenance work.”

The survey found 65 per cent of people are deterred by the property being in a poor state of repair, while 61 per cent walk away if there are bad smells. For 59 per cent, no parking space is a deal breaker, while 57 per cent think the same about not having a garden.

Mr Sanders also noted that making simple changes such as tidying the house could have a big impact on making it more attractive, and suggested simply doing the dishes and taking dirty clothes off the floor will make it more saleable.

Despite the lack of interest homebuyers have in renovating a property, Money revealed earlier this month that 14 per cent of homeowners are planning to make home improvements.