boiler repairs leedsPlans have been revealed to turn Leeds into a hydrogen city, which would see the entire gas network for the area (including domestic gas cookers and boilers) converted to run on hydrogen in a bid to tackle climate change.

The move would cost around £2 billion, figures from Northern Gas Networks (NGN) indicate. The company hopes that Leeds would be converted by 2030 at the latest, with the model then replicated in other UK cities, the Daily Telegraph reports.

NGN is now working on redesigning the gas network in Leeds to build a number of steam methane reformer plants, converting methane from the national gas grid into hydrogen by removing the carbon. This would then be disposed of by, for example, pumping it into an old and unused North Sea gas field, with the hydrogen transported to local households and businesses.

A spokesman for the company said: “Households in Leeds could potentially cook and heat their homes using pure hydrogen within 10-15 years.”

This would mean that all household gas appliances have to be converted, but NGN said it doesn’t think this is an impossible task. Furthermore, residents would not have to pay any upfront costs for the new appliance conversions, as the bill for the scheme could be paid for via energy bills.

Until this happens, we’ll all have to make do with our gas boilers. If yours breaks down or you think there’s something wrong with it, call Leeds boiler repair service Home Services Assistance and we’ll be able to come and help.