Energy labels on house

Those of you planning on buying a new boiler between now and the year 2030 may find the energy labels that come with such appliances really rather confusing.

Apparently, MEPs have just voted to slow down the rollout of new rules for this particular labelling system, which means that a product that has been given an A+ rating may actually be the least efficient of its class because of the introduction of A+++ labels, the Guardian reports.

This has resulted in a European commission proposal to replace this grading system with a simpler alphabetical format that covers A-G for appliances. This proposal will need to be reviewed between 2019 and 2023 for boilers and water heaters, and it would then take around six years to implement it.

The new label system will affect all appliances that can be bought in the UK that have been imported from the EU, or those that can be exported there.

“It has long been obvious that we need to shift to a simple, colour-coded A-G system, instead of the current confusing system. Unfortunately, MEPs have voted to delay this reform and allow unscrupulous manufacturers to continue pulling the wool over consumers’ eyes by marketing inefficient appliances as having a positive energy performance,” energy spokesman for the Green Party Michèle Rivasi said.

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