Now that the winter has well and truly bitten (we can expect snow in the north tonight and tomorrow, apparently), there’s never been a better time to make sure that your boiler works, doesn’t need a service and won’t leave you high and dry as the frost creeps up the window panes.

While you’re all sure to want to have the central heating on as much as possible, however, it’s likely that you’ll end up fighting with family members over the temperature of your house… don’t worry, it happens to us all!

New research from Energy has found that there are all sorts of different types of people with regards to the thermostat at home. For example, there are Thermostat Tinkerers, who are always tweaking it to make sure it’s the right temperature (20 per cent), Sabotage Experts who always try to turn it up or down in secret (13 per cent), Arctic Adventurers who swear that it’s not even cold (12 per cent), Sticklers who keep the thermostat constant no matter the weather (11 per cent), Control Freaks who are the only ones allowed to touch it (six per cent) and Tropical Hotties who keep the thermostat above 25 degrees all year (three per cent).

“According to the Energy Saving Trust, ideally you should heat your home to the lowest comfortable temperature – typically between 18 degrees C and 21 degrees C. Turning your room thermostat down by one degree can give a potential saving of £80 to £85 a year.  Thermostatic radiator valves let you different temperatures in different rooms.  So, for example, you may wish to heat living rooms warmer than bedrooms,” spokesman for the price comparison site Ben Wilson said.

He went on to suggest that you should time the heating to come on just before you get up and turn it off just after you’ve gone to bed instead of keeping it on all the time. If it’s very cold, just set the heating to come on earlier and go off later, instead of turning up the thermostat. You’d also perhaps be wise to draught-proof and insulate your house more effectively so it stays warm more efficiently.

Further research from the company found that 77 per cent of homeowners here in the UK will actually have to ration what energy they use to help them save money. Tactics they’ll employ include leaving rooms unheated, having showers instead of baths and heating properties for less time than they’d like.

Yes, bills can be expensive at this time of year but it’s vital that your homes are heated properly, especially if you have young children or elderly people living with you. You could save yourself some cash by shopping around and switching energy suppliers as it’s likely there is a better deal out there than the one you’re currently on.

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