boiler repairs sheffield

Before you get on the phone to call a Sheffield boiler repairs service out to help you with your plumbing or central heating, make sure you check their pricing plan first so you know you’re not getting stung and won’t be left out of pocket just because the boiler’s packed in.

New research from Direct Line has found that there is what has been dubbed the ‘plumber premium’ if someone needs a tradesman to come and fix a leak in an emergency. Emergency call-out rates see the hourly rate of a plumber inflated by an average of 117 per cent, with some companies actually charging up to £300+VAT an hour if it’s an emergency – and that’s just for the labour. If you need to buy parts and materials to solve the problem, you could end up having to pay even more.

Before you even think about booking an emergency plumber, make sure that you check their pricing plan to see if they have a minimum charge. Their hourly rate may seem relatively low but if there’s a minimum charge of £150+VAT for each job they come out to, it might be worth shopping around to see if you can find a better price.

And bear in mind that it won’t just be emergency call-outs that could see you having to pay more. If for whatever reason you need to call someone out of office hours or at an unsociable time, then you could find yourself paying out an average premium of 112 per cent on the typical hourly rate.

Direct Line’s Morgan Simpson said: “Escape of water is the highest claimed peril by value that insurers cover, which gives an indication of the extent of damage it can cause. If you don’t have emergency cover with your insurer there is the temptation to call the first plumber you can find, but you may discover even if the hourly rate quoted is low they have an expensive minimum call out rate or emergency call out surcharge.”

He went on to add that escaping water can cause serious damage to a property, as well as neighbouring houses – and quickly as well. A leaking water tank or burst pipe can result in thousands of pounds worth of damage in very little time… which is why it’s so important you not only look after your house properly but also that you do your research into different plumbing companies before there’s a problem so you have someone you can trust won’t charge you through the nose if you do have to call them out in an emergency.

Choosing a reliable boiler repair service

When on the hunt for the right plumbing company for you, your first port of call should naturally be recommendations from friends and family. To find a reliable plumber (or any tradesman for that matter), word of mouth is one of the best ways to go about it. Talk to your colleagues, neighbours, family and friends to see who they’d recommend. You’d also be wise to talk to anyone else like electricians or roofers who have already done work on your property to see who they would go to. If you let the plumber know who referred you to them, you could find you’re lucky enough to be offered a discount as well!

Checking your plumber’s credentials is also certainly advisable. Look out for those bearing the quality TrustMark logo, which means that your company’s skills, financial status and quality of work have all been checked and verified. All you have to do is put your postcode into the TrustMark website search facility to find a trader and you’ll then be given a list of companies within 50 miles of your location.
It would also be a good idea to make sure you check online reviews of different companies before you ask them to come over as this will give you a good idea of pricing and professionalism before you even start. Don’t forget to leave your own reviews after your plumber has been so that other people can take advantage of your experience.