Its sod’s law, your boiler breaks down just before all the relatives turn up, and you have to call out the best boiler repairs Sheffield has to offer.

You aren’t just imagining it, boilers do tend to break down when the weather gets colder. Standing pipes can freeze and the cold water can damage the inside of the boiler. Not to mention that the boiler is working overtime as cold weather comes in.

A cold snap has been predicted for the UK, with thundersnow experienced across the West coast earlier in November. has put the average cost of a boiler breakdown at £235.37 so you should make sure your heating system is in tip top condition this winter, and is already for the family come Christmas day.

  1. Keep your heating on

This is important to ensure that you can check your heating at regular intervals. You shouldn’t keep it at zero when the weather is cold as this can damage it by making it work harder to heat up the when it is turned on.

  1. Bleed your radiators.

You may already do this but it is important to continue doing this. Check your radiators frequently for cold patches which can be caused by air in the system, meaning hot water can’t get in and heat it up.

  1. Get your boiler serviced

This is well worth doing, particularly with older boilers. Many manufacturers recommend this is done annually, and if you want to protect your investment and avoid costly repairs you should do this for all boilers. It will identify potential problems, and also make sure that there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning coming from your boiler.

  1. Get a carbon monoxide detector installed

Though this should not happen with a well serviced boiler you can make sure that your family isn’t endangered by possible carbon monoxide poisoning by installing one of these, in much the same way you would with a smoke alarm.

  1. Check your boiler instructions

Many people overlook just checking the manufacturer guidelines. These will make clear if there are any ongoing maintenance actions that are required, and also help you fix the boiler if a minor problem occurs. For example, have you checked your boiler is even on? It is important to know how to switch you boiler on and off and how to fix the pilot light to ensure the safety of your boiler.

  1. Check the pressure

This is particularly important if you have just bled your radiators which can cause a drop in the pressure which can cause the boiler to appear to break but it is easily remedied

Combi boilers are particularly susceptible to this, and can appear to stop working because of a drop in pressure. Check the pressure dial and check for any leaks (if you do find a leak you may need to bring in the experts).

Safety first though, always make sure your boiler is off and check the instructions as increasing the pressure can be dangerous.

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