Carbon monoxide poisoning is something everyone should be aware of if they have gas appliances in their home. Known as the silent killer, a carbon monoxide leak can be incredibly dangerous since the gas is tasteless, odourless and colourless, so very difficult to detect without a carbon monoxide alarm.

This is why we here at Huddersfield boiler repairs company Home Services Assistance always campaign hard for people to have these alarms fitted wherever there are gas appliances, so they can be alerted if there is a leak. However, it seems as though we’re not necessarily as protected as we might think after these alarms are installed.

New research from consumer watchdog Which? has found that one in five carbon monoxide alarms are actually faulty, with three out of 16 detectors failing lab tests based on EU safety standards. Reported on by the Sun, the study revealed that detectors from manufacturers Mudder, Binwo and ATZ Saviour all failed to sound the alarm 26 times during 72 carbon monoxide tests. As a result, Which? is now advising people not to buy alarms from these particular brands.

“It’s shocking to uncover the sheer volume of carbon monoxide detectors out there that simply don’t work. Consumers need to be aware that there are dodgy detectors on the market and should only buy products bearing the BSI Kitemark,” editor of Which? Richard Headland was quoted as saying.

Global head of gas and electrical products at BSI Graham McKay made further comments, saying that people should be purchasing alarms since figures show that one in 11 boilers were found to be unsafe last year, while just 50 per cent of homes in the UK currently have carbon monoxide alarms installed. He also advised people to look out for the Kitemark when buying products so they know they’ve been tested to the highest standards possible.

Protecting yourself against carbon monoxide poisoning isn’t just about having an alarm installed, however. You must make sure that the alarm itself is fitted properly according to the installation guide and make sure it’s in the right place at home – so between one and three metres away from any fuel-burning appliance.

Another key point for people looking to protect themselves and their families would be to ensure that all their gas appliances are properly serviced regularly, at least once a year in fact. You should always make sure you have a Gas Safe registered engineer come out to give your appliances the once over, so you know that they can be trusted to do a good job.

Sadly, there are very unscrupulous people out there who are looking to make a quick buck and aren’t as concerned about doing a proper job, so make sure you check all credentials of people you hire. You could find yourself in a sticky situation otherwise.


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