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We’re always hearing in the news about dodgy plumbers and gas engineers who come along to people’s houses to install boilers and central heating systems – often without really knowing what it is they’re supposed to be doing. Some household tasks can be glossed over to a certain extent, such as wallpapering or painting the hallway, but when it comes to plumbing and electrical work you absolutely must make sure the tradesmen you call out are professional and have the appropriate experience and credentials.

Why is this, you ask? Well, where gas boilers and central heating are concerned, if the installation is faulty you run the very real risk of leaking carbon monoxide into your home – a gas that’s known as the silent killer because it’s tasteless and odourless, which makes it very hard to detect a leak. As such, you need to make sure you check that the gas engineer you’re calling out is Gas Safe registered so you know they have the right kind of training and are completely professional.

You certainly shouldn’t take their word for it and would be wise to conduct your own research to check they’re who they say they are. A recent Which? investigation found that many households are being put in danger by poor work being carried out by “clueless” engineers, from both independent brands and bigger names like British Gas and HomeServe. The study found that eight out of the ten qualified engineers who were investigated failed to do one or more of the minimum legal checks on boilers, while six out of the ten did not notice that the operating pressure had been set too high.

What’s more, two of the engineers involved didn’t take the case off the boiler in order to check the seal, while one who did succeed in removing it actually spent longer drinking a cup of tea than the 13 seconds it took him to take the case off and replace it.

“These results are shocking with most engineers we put to the test failing to do what is legally required. Faulty boilers could have serious or even fatal consequences for consumers so more must be done to check up on and crack down on incompetent engineers,” Richard Lloyd, executive director with Which?, said at the time.

And new research from Gas Safe Register has just this week (April 21st) revealed that people are endangering their own lives by trusting tradesmen too much and choosing to employ people based on their behaviour and appearance, rather than their qualifications and skills to do the job.

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