Changing Bathroom HabitsWe all like to save money where we can and often look to switching our utilities providers when going through our finances if we find we can save ourselves some of our hard earned cash.

But did you know that you can save yourself some money just by making some small changes to your bathroom habits!

Yes, but before you ask, we’re talking about your daily bathing habits rather than your other bathroom habits!  By making just these two simple changes you could save a massive £210 a year on your water and gas bills …

Embrace the shower

Taking a family of four as our example, if you replace having one bath a week for each person, and instead have a five-minute shower, then this could save you up to £20 a year on your heating bills and up to £25 on your water bills if using a water meter.

Update your head

Believe it or not, your shower head can make a huge difference to your bills, and if you update your existing shower head to one that is water-efficient then you could be saving yourself a whopping £65 on your gas bill and an even better £100 on your water bill each year.  Again, we’ve taken our example as a family of four using a water meter.


So there you go, two simple changes to your bathroom habits can really save you money on your bills!