It can be incredibly frustrating – not to mention expensive – to have constant boiler problems, which is why having your gas appliance serviced on a regular basis is certainly advisable. That way, you can identify any potential issues sooner rather than later and have them dealt with quickly… especially important during the winter months since you don’t want to be without hot water or central heating. Here are just seven of the most common problems you’re likely to experience at some point.

Pilot light going out

This is one of the problems you’re most likely to see. Before trying to reignite it, check to see if there are no issues with your gas supply first, then follow the instructions in the manual for lighting it again. It could also be a deposit that’s built up in the light, a draught blowing it out or even a broken thermocouple.

Drop in pressure

Your central heating might not work properly if the boiler pressure drops too low. To check the pressure level, have a look at the pressure gauge. If it’s below one, there might be a problem that needs looking at. Check for a visible leak and if you find one, call out a registered engineer.


You might hear a funny rumbling noise coming from your boiler at some point. This is known as kettling (because it sounds similar to a kettle being boiled). This typically happens in places with hard water but can also occur in places with soft water as well. Call out an engineer to have them flush the system out.

Boiler keeps turning off

This could be down to a number of reasons, from low water pressure to the pump not circulating the water properly or an issue with the thermostat. If you have problems working out what the cause is, call out a Gas Safe registered engineer to come and take a look.


Your boiler can leak water for numerous reasons so you should always check to see where it’s leaking from to work out what’s causing the problem. Never try to fix a leaky boiler yourself as you could do more harm than good. A qualified and experienced engineer should always be your first port of call.

Strange banging noises

The most common cause for banging noises coming from your boiler is a build-up of air in the system, although it could also be caused by low water pressure. If your boiler is particularly old, the pump could be about to fail.

No hot water

An airlock or a thermostat problem could be to blame for this one. It may well be that you need a new part for your boiler, so get in touch with us here at Chesterfield boiler repairs company Home Services Assistance if you need a bit of help diagnosing just what the problem could be.