We’ve all heard the dreaded words: “The boiler’s packed in!” and groaned. To make things worse, most boiler problems occur exactly when we need them most; during winter, or right before you need a shower, for example. Our experts at Home Services Assistance have put together a list of common boiler problems and what to do about them; so fear not and read on!

Under Pressure

A drop in water pressure is one of the most common boiler problems faced by homeowners. Pressure loss may result in a drop in water temperature, where it cools down significantly, or even becomes completely cold. There are lots of possible reasons why your boiler could lose pressure, and several things to check for. If you can see that your pressure has dropped below 2 bar on the gauge and your water isn’t as hot as it should be, looking for system leaks should be your first action. If found, consult a heating engineer.

If you can’t find any noticeable leaks, you can try to re-pressure your boiler by doing the following;

Take care not to over-pressurise the system, but if you do, don’t switch the boiler back on. Instead, bleed the water from a radiator until it drops to 1.5 bar.

Loss of Heating or Hot Water

There are many potential causes for a lack of heating and hot water. As advised above, checking your boiler pressure is a good place to start. Other problems include broken valves, airlocks or diaphragms, which will require the advice of a Gas Safe registered engineer. It’s certainly not advised to try to diagnose or fix these problems yourself; it’s much safer and infinitely more sensible to call out an expert who will be able to diagnose the problem, replace broken parts, and offer advice.

Leaking Boiler

Leaking and dripping from boilers isn’t uncommon, and could be caused by a number of problems. Obviously it depends on where the water is leaking from when trying to find the root of the problem, but common causes include broken components, worn out pump seals, or faulty pressure valves. Again, Home Services Assistance would not recommend trying to fix a gas boiler yourself, as only Gas Safe engineers are trained and qualified to deal with the problem safely.

No Pilot Light

The pilot light going out on a boiler is another familiar issue. It could be something as simple as a draught blowing it out, a build-up of deposit, or a broken thermocouple stopping the supply of gas getting through. Check your other gas appliances first though; if it’s a problem with all appliances you will obviously need to contact your gas supplier.  If that’s not the issue, and it’s isolated to your boiler alone, use your boiler manual to carefully follow instructions for reigniting your pilot light. If these fail, please contact a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Quality Boiler Repair Service

As you can see, there are some common boiler problems that can be addressed by the home owner without the need to book in a plumber, but for others, there really is no substitute for a professional with qualifications, experience and expertise. Please remember that you should never carry out work on your own gas boiler, always employ a Gas Safe registered engineer. Here at Home Services Assistance, our staff are fully Gas Safe registered. So, if you’re looking for a quality boiler repair service with no call-out fee, we can help. Contact us on 0333 313 3134 or email info@homeservicesassistance.co.uk