DIY - Its not against the law is itWith the weather getting nicer and bank holidays abundant, many home owners across the UK are starting to use this time to look at the DIY the jobs throughout their homes that they can undertake themselves, there is no law against it after all, is there?

Well, as a whole, there isn’t, but whatever you’re looking to do you must still comply with the Building and Water Regulations, which are not a guide, but are regulations set out in law, and if any work carried out contravenes these regulations there can be some serious consequences, including hefty fines and invalidation of your home insurance not to mention difficulty in selling your property in the future and risk of serious illness or injury.

So, what can you do?

If you’re simply decorating, changing a tap, or plumbing in a new washing machine, you should be ok, but if you’re doing anything that relates to gas, then you need to be registered with Gas Safe to carry out work, this includes boilers, cookers, fires and all other gas appliances. For example, if you’re simply removing a radiator so that you can decorate behind it and then putting it back on the wall, this should be ok, however if you need to remove your boiler to decorate then the removal and refitting of the boiler has to be done by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

So, think in advance on what you’re planning on doing, and if necessary, bring in the relevant registered tradesperson to assist you with your home improvement project.

More information on the Building and Water Regulations contact your local planning authority or building control officer.