During these colder winter months, you may be one of many who dry their clothes on the radiators or clothes dryers inside of the home rather than hanging them out on the washing line. But did you know that in doing this you may be inadvertently creating a risk to health for those living within your household?

It sounds a little farfetched doesn’t it, but as detailed in a recent Mail Online report, doctors have warned that this can pose a serious health risk to people who may have weakened immune systems or severe asthma!

So what is the actual problem?

Well, according to the report, one load of wet washing can contain around 2 litres of water, which when drying inside is released into the home. If the home is not sufficiently ventilated this can increase the moisture within by up to 30% which can result in perfect breading conditions for mould spores, in particular, the Aspergillus fumigatus spores.

Most of us are naturally immune to the spores that grow within humid conditions or can fight off any infections caused by these, but for those who suffer from asthma then this could result in coughing and wheeziness, and for those who have weakened immune systems this could result in pulmonary aspergillosis which can cause irreparable, and sometimes fatal, damage to the lungs and sinuses.

It makes you think twice doesn’t it! But before you panic, there are some things you can do so prevent this. Obviously the first one would be to not dry your washing inside and instead hang it outside weather permitting, or use your tumble dryer if you have one (of course this needs to be properly installed with the ventilation going outsider rather than in your home). But if these options are not suitable then you can still dry your washing inside, but make sure that where you hang your washing is in a well-ventilated area, preferably away from living areas and bedrooms.

It’s always a good idea to open your windows on a regular basis, even in the winter months, to give your home a good airing throughout so that you minimise the risk of any spore build up and remove any moisture build up.