Repairman fixing a gas water heater with a screwdriver
Repairman fixing a gas water heater with a screwdriver

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) would do well to ensure that they hire reputable boiler repair companies and check their credentials before any work is carried out to make sure that they do not have any trouble where gas health and safety is concerned.

New research from British Gas has just revealed that one in five SMEs have experienced such safety issues like carbon monoxide leaks at work, with the company now calling on businesses to make sure they have a working carbon monoxide alarm installed to protect both their employees and customers.

It was found that 36 per cent of those asked admitted that they do not currently have such an alarm in place, which is concerning when you consider the dangers that carbon monoxide – known as the silent killer – can pose.

In order to stay gas safe, make sure you have this alarm installed, that you keep an eye out for signs of soot or staining near your gas boiler, water heater or fire and that you keep air vents clear so they can continue to provide air to your gas appliances. Maintain your gas appliances and have them serviced regularly, and make sure you take out a service plan if your company relies on gas appliances or heating.

Field service engineer with British Gas Vincent Thomas said: “Many people focus on the dangers of carbon monoxide at home, but it’s equally serious when it leaks into a business’s premises … We want to see the concerning number of small businesses without a carbon monoxide alarm reduced this summer, so we’re encouraging them to protect workers and customers by installing an alarm and having their boilers and appliances regularly checked.”

Similarly, research also revealed this month (May 13th) from British Gas has found that one in five part-time landlords actually fail to conduct yearly gas safety checks, with over one-third of those asked revealing that they are unaware that gas safety is in fact a legal requirement.

While this is clearly important from a health and safety perspective, it also seems to be important from a financial one as well. The study found that the majority of tenants would actually be put off from renting a house if gas safety checks had not been carried out by the landlord. As such, if you are thinking of renting out a room to help make ends meet, make sure you’ve done these checks to increase your chances of having someone sign that all-important tenancy agreement.

All landlords, whether they’re involved in long-term lets or short-term ones, are legally required to carry out yearly gas safety checks on all their properties. They must also make use of a Gas Safe-registered engineer and the checks must also be recorded on a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate. Failure to do this could result in fatalities so it is essential you know exactly what you have to do if you are planning on becoming a landlord in the future.

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