Winter is fast approaching so you would be wise to make sure that your boiler is up to the task of heating your home throughout the colder months. There’s nothing worse than a broken-down boiler on the coldest day of the year, after all! And in fact, weather reports are now coming in that Britain could actually be hit with four months of snow, so checking that your boiler is fully operational now might be a good idea.

It might also be advisable to have a look at your home insurance policy to see if you’re covered for home emergencies like a broken boiler. New research from has found that home emergency cover is actually available with 77 per cent of policies, with a fifth of these automatically including cover. Some 56 per cent only provide it as an optional extra, but of those that do offer cover 98 per cent will pay out if your home heating system breaks down all of a sudden.

If you do have this kind of cover in place, insurers will usually give you access to a 24-hour helpline so you can call out for emergency repairs by a tradesman local to you – at an agreed call-out charge, of course. Emergency incidents include boiler breakdown, home security problems like damaged windows because of a burglary, vermin infestations, draining and plumbing issues and the failure of your electric or gas supply.

“Anyone who has experienced the breakdown of their central heating system in the depths of winter knows how miserable it is and how difficult and expensive it can be to arrange emergency repairs. What people may not realise is that valuable help may be available under their home insurance.

“However, insurance only provides a financial safety-net for unforeseen events and policies typically exclude cover for problems which are a result of systems not being properly maintained. So we strongly recommend that people have their central heating systems checked on an annual basis. This will help ensure that it is running safely and efficiently,” the price comparison site’s Ben Wilson said.

You’ve still got a bit of time to make sure that your boiler is in good working order as, although a snowy winter is being predicted, we’re also apparently in line for an Indian summer this October. The first week of the month is expected to be pretty pleasant for the time of year (although don’t expect the soaring temperatures that we experienced in September)… forecasters are now saying that temperatures will break above 20 degrees C though, so don’t get out the winter woollies just yet.

If you do find you need the help of a professional and experienced tradesman, however, call us here at Halifax boiler repairs company Home Services Assistance to see what we can do.