The Health Giving Benefits of Taking a Cold Shower

Generally, we all think of a cold shower as a punishment; something the thought of is really quite disturbing and that we probably only do if our water heater or boiler breaks down.  Some people, however, take a cold shower for its range of health benefits and spas and health clubs have even now started to install tropical and cold showers alongside their saunas and steam rooms.

So, do you think you could cope with a cold shower in the morning?  Read about the benefits below and see if they make you answer “Yes”.

A Cold Shower Boosts Your Immune System

When you step into a cold shower you get a great boost to your blood circulation. This will cause your white blood cells to rocket through your body and thus improve your immune system. So, next time you’re feeling a little unwell, why not try a cold shower to kick start your immune system into fighting off the nasty little bug?  It may help you get rid of the illness faster.  In addition to aiding your immune system in fighting off infection, the improvement in circulation also benefits your health by lowering your blood pressure, giving your heart a mini workout and clearing out your arteries.

A Cold Shower Increases Your Alertness

If you just into a cold shower in the morning you’ll wake up and be alert quickly. Of course, the cold itself will definitely jump start your system, just from the discomfort having just got out of bed, but the water also wakes your body up by triggering a response that is designed to keep you warm.  When temperatures are cold, your body will make you take longer, deeper breaths so that you can inhale more oxygen and it will make your heart rate increase in order to increase blood flow.  This is what will really wake you up and get you ready for the day ahead.

A Cold Shower Soothes Muscle Aches & Pains

You must have seen Andy Murray in a bath of ice after Wimbledon, or football players with the coach pouring ice on them?  This is because ice (and cold showers) soothe the muscles.  Taking a cold shower straight after a workout or a sports match will minimise muscle soreness that you’d usually feel over the following few days.

A Cold Shower Helps Burn Fat

Now, we’re not saying you should replace your trip to the gym with cold showers every day; obviously the effects aren’t the same, but because your body works to keep you warm when it feels the cold, a cold shower helps you burn fat. When your body is working to keep you warm, it uses body fat for the process, so it can be a great way to get your metabolism going. Next time you go to the gym, take a cold shower afterwards to have an even greater impact.

A Cold Shower is Great for Your Hair & Skin

In our article a few weeks ago, we talked about how hot showers or baths can actually dry out the skin. Well, cold showers do the opposite. A cold shower tightens your pores, so it can actually make your skin look more vibrant and healthy.  It’s particularly good for oily skin or if you have acne.

And a cold shower is good for your hair too!  It can promote follicle strength and scalp health as well as flattening out the strands of hair to make them appear more shiny.

It would seem, from the above, that a cold shower really can do wonders for your health and appearance.  If you think you can brave it, you’ll probably find that the benefits outweight the discomfort.

On the other hand, if you don’t fancy the idea of a cold shower, but accidentally end up with one because of a plumbing problem, call us and we’ll get straight out to make sure you’re warmed up in no time.