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Good news could be on the horizon for homeowners wanting to keep their energy bills to a minimum wherever possible. The government is investing £320 million over the next five years in heat networks around the UK so that low carbon heat can be used to keep homes and businesses warm.

These networks are already widely used in cities around Scandinavia and it’s estimated that they can reduce heating costs by over 30 per cent for some households – which makes it very exciting news indeed.

A range of sources can be used for these networks, including deep geothermal plants (that take heat from rocks below the earth’s surface), combined heat and power plants, and large heat pumps. This heat is then pumped around the property to drive down energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

“This is an important next step in developing more home-grown energy, which is a vital part of our plan to ensure long-term energy security and affordable energy for our families and businesses,” secretary of state for energy and climate change Amber Rudd said.

District heating is advantageous because it means that transportation and use of heat is more efficient. It also lowers costs of energy generation, enables fuel flexibility and allows for a broader range of energy generation resources to collaborate in order to meet heating demands.

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