Smoke and a carbon monoxide alarm mounted on the ceiling ** Note: Shallow depth of field
Smoke and a carbon monoxide alarm mounted on the ceiling
** Note: Shallow depth of field

All year round the internet is inundated with stories from across the country of dodgy plumbers or dubious landlords. The latest of these stories comes from Berkshire where an unsuspecting tenant was subject not just to dangerous living conditions, but seemingly outrageous treatment from his landlord, as reported in the Daily Mirror.

After smelling gas around the house just two days into his occupancy, the unfortunate tenant rang his landlord who suggested he called an emergency boiler repairs number.

The engineer informed the tenant that not only was there a gas leak, but there was also dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide. It was obvious that the boiler had been installed rudimentarily and not to a professional standard.

The tenant had to vacate the property for a week so repairs could be made. However, when he returned to the property he discovered that not only had the landlord changed the locks on the property, but he was accusing the tenant of tampering with the boiler and was planning to sue him for £6,000 for damages to the unit.

The law clearly states that landlords are obliged to provide safe and habitable conditions for their occupants, so other landlords out there should take heed of this particular incident and do all they can to protect their tenants – and their own reputation.

Yet, this anecdote highlights a number of pertinent issues with regards to the issues of boilers in the house.

As the engineer pointed out, it is not just the combustible nature of a gas leak that presents a danger in the house, but the risk of carbon monoxide intake. Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to an array of symptoms that at the very least includes nausea, dizziness and difficulty breathing. Anything above 70ppm of carbon monoxide can have adverse effects on a person’s health.

It is important to keep your boiler running safely and have it regularly serviced. Any faults or mishaps should be reported immediately to your local boiler repairs company. Any suspected gas leaks should be reported immediately to an emergency number and the property should be vacated until deemed safe to enter.

Always remember to have repairs done by a professional. This story is merely one of many examples where novice and substandard work has put unsuspecting victims in danger. It may seem appealing to enlist the cheapest alternative to have housework done, but in the case of your boiler, the benefits comprehensively outweigh the costs.

Incidentally, the summertime is in fact the best time to arrange a service or repair of your home boiler. The reduced demand this time of year actually means rates can fall by up to 20 per cent, according to the Daily Star.

So, it seems there is no better time than the present to arrange for Manchester boiler repairs company Home Services Assistance to service your boiler in time for the winter. And if you get your call in fast enough, you might just save some money as well.