Snow is now on the horizon apparently so undoubtedly all your minds are turning to how you can stay warm during the winter and keep your house nice and toasty without spending too much money on your energy bills. There’s a lot you can actually do to keep the costs down and the temperature up, so here are six top tips to help you do just that.

Shut the curtains

It seems like an obvious one but what’s the betting that you occasionally crank up the thermostat and forget to close your curtains? These really help to keep warm air in your home so you don’t have to always have the heating on… and if you’ve got thin blinds or metal shutters, perhaps consider swapping them for thicker lined curtains to really keep the heat in this winter.

Keep radiators uncovered

Yes, it might be chilly outside and yes, it might be tempting to put the sofa right in front of the radiator so you can stay snug while watching TV but all this means is that the heat can’t move around the room freely, so you’re only heating up a tiny portion of it.

Get a new boiler

If you’ve had your boiler for ten years or more then it’s probably time for an upgrade. If you can’t afford that, at the very least have it serviced on a regular basis so you know it’s in good working order and so that any problems can be dealt with immediately. If you need any help, call out Leeds boiler repairs company Home Services Assistance today.

Use thermostatic radiator valves

You could make serious energy savings by using heating controls like thermostatic radiator valves. These work by allowing you to programme when you want your heating to come on so energy is only used as and when you need it. These days, you can even control heating from your smartphone so you can switch it on when you’re on your way home from work. No need to ever arrive to a cold house again!

Insulate your home

Winter-proofing your home is something you should do every year but at the very least you’ll only need to install proper insulation once. Head to the loft and pay close attention to the walls if you’re looking to add insulation to your house, as this is where the majority of heat will escape from. It might not be cheap but you will save yourself lots of money in the long run.

Use your wood-burning fireplace properly

If you don’t keep the flue closed when you’re not using the fireplace or if you don’t have a glass front for it, the stack effect means that parts of your house will be cold even though you’re all nice and warm when sat in front of the fire. Glass fronts will stop heated air from escaping up the chimney – and shutting the flue when you’re not using the fire means no cold air can come in.