Approximately 1.2 million property transactions take place in the UK every year but only 1 in 10 home buyers undertake a property gas safety check before they buy, and 1 in 4 think that this this is covered by the survey carried out by the mortgage lender.

If you’re buying a new home this year, then ensure you put gas safety checks at the top of your list when considering your new property and ask for your vendor to provide you with a copy of the Gas Safety Record which should cover all gas appliances and pipework in your new home. If they don’t have one then ask them for a gas safety check to be carried out by a registered gas safe engineer, they will visit the property and carry out the relevant checks and provide a full written report.

A Gas Safety Check doesn’t cost the earth, and depending on how many gas appliances need to be included can start from under £100!

It’s a small price to pay, consider the cost of a new boiler or pipework which can run into £1000’s, and what about the risks to health of yourself and your family from carbon monoxide poisoning?

For more information on Gas Safety Checks please visit the Gas Safe Register where you can find lots of useful information and details of Registered Gas Safe Engineers in your local area.