It might be wise for parents to keep a very close eye on their children when they’re heading off to the bathroom, as it seems that many items are being flushed down the loos that perhaps would be best not going round the U-bend.

New research from Direct Line Home Insurance has found that millions of Lego bricks have been flushed over the years, so many in fact that a tower three times higher than the world record holder of 35.05m could actually be built. That’s quite a feat!

But it’s not just Lego that children seem keen to send down the pipes. The study also found that more than four million dolls have been flushed down by kids under ten, 4.2 million pens and crayons have met a similar fate and 12 per cent of parents have had their mobiles dropped down the loo at least once by a child under ten.

The top seven items that have been flushed by youngsters were found to be pens and crayons, dolls, house and car keys, credit, debit and loyalty cards, jigsaw and board game pieces, mobile phones and Lego blocks.

Of course, this isn’t all little ones get up to and they have also been known to cause quite a bit of damage to the house as well. Parents have experienced drawn-on walls, scratched furniture, wallpaper pulled off the walls, damaged furniture, scribbles on the floor, bashed walls, stained floors, overflowing taps, damaged sockets, scratched cars and fridges and freezers being switched off.

“Children love to explore their environment and are often fascinated by the idea of flushing things away. Whether it’s disposing of their sibling’s Barbie doll or their own Lego creations, children can cause huge plumbing problems in the home. Overflowing toilets and blocked pipes can cause significant damage to a home and neighbouring properties. It emphasises the scale of the costs involved when we highlight escape of water is the highest claimed peril by value that insurers cover,” Direct Line home emergency response manager Morgan Simpson said.

It’s not just children that flush items that they shouldn’t, however, and adults need to know just what can and can’t be sent down the drain in order to avoid plumbing problems in the future. For example, wet wipes should always be disposed of with the household rubbish rather than being flushed, as should dirty nappies. Flushing these could result in a serious blockage that could be very expensive to fix. You should also ensure that you don’t send fat down drain as this can congeal and contribute to the start of a fatberg – a huge ball of fat that can end up blocking the drains.

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