In these spring / summer months the last thing on your mind is your heating, but now is the best time to think about having it serviced to ensure that it’s in top working order.
Why now you ask?
Well, after many months of working at its full capacity throughout the winter, there may have been a fair bit of wear and tear on your system, and having an annual service and maintenance will ensure that it’s in tip top condition, ready for next winter when you need it the most and also keeping your hot water running throughout the warmer months. Leaving your servicing to later on in the year could lead to your boiler not working when you need it the most, and the colder months are when Heating Engineers are at their busiest and therefore may not be able to get out to you quickly if something has gone wrong.
So why do I need my boiler servicing?
There are three main reasons for serving your boiler on an annual basis, very much like you get your car serviced, the same applies to your boiler: –
1) Improve on Efficiency
A boiler that is not working efficiently could mean you’re paying much higher energy bills than you should.
Poorly maintained parts have a tendency to fail, having your boiler serviced on a regular basis can help to prolong the lifespan of the working parts.
2) Ensure Safety
A faulty boiler could be emitting poisonous CO2 gas, regular servicing and maintenance can spot any potential problems early and prevent any serious effects of this gas.
3) Peace of Mind
A broken boiler in the colder months can cause much more inconvenience and disruption, and call out times can be longer due to increased demand throughout the winter. Servicing and maintaining your boiler in the summer months gives you that peace of mind that your boiler is indeed in great working order, is safe and is ready for action when you need it the most.
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