How To Prevent Slipping In The Shower

Showers can be notorious for slipping. The wet tiles, slippery bath (if your shower is above your bath) and doorway (if it’s stand alone) are prime candidates for causing a fall, particularly for the elderly.

If you’re worried about you or your family being injured by slipping in the shower, there’s no need to do a full bathroom remodel. Here’s some useful safety enhancements that are inexpensive and could save you from a nasty fall.

Get A Mat

The cheapest and easiest solution to install is an anti-slip bath mat. Look for a mat with suction cups underneath to keep it firmly in place and textured on the top. This will ensure the least risk of you slipping. Also, make sure you measure your bath or shower tray before you buy, to ensure your chosen isn’t too big.

Get A Seat

This solution isn’t really practical for over bath showers, but stand alone showers, with sufficient room, can be made much safer with the addition of a waterproof seat. This can be a chair or stool, or even a cheap, plastic patio chair.  Being able to sit down in the shower is particularly helpful for elderly people or people who have injuries or are less mobile.

An even better solution, if you have the space, is to have a permanent seat installed in your shower. A nice, tile-covered perch in one corner of your shower makes a nice addition and means it’s always there, should you need it.

Get A Handle

One other pretty inexpensive solution is the installation of a grab bar or bars around the bath or shower.  You can buy a variety of shapes and sizes of these, so they’ll fit any space and don’t have to be made to measure.  These are also really helpful for elderly people or people with mobility issues.

Get A Makeover

If you have an older bath or shower, then you may want to give it a makeover with a textured agent.  These can help bring the bath or shower back to life and also assist in making it slip-proof.

Get An Overhaul

If you do decide to remodel your bathroom, then it’s worth taking slipping into consideration when doing so.  You can select less slippy tiles; porcelain is more slippy and smooth, while vinyl or textured tiles have more grip.