As the weather is getting progressively colder you’ll be using your heating more and more, but do you find that you have one or two rouge radiators that just don’t seem to be performing as they should? Do you find that a couple of your radiators are just not getting quite as hot as they should be and you’re having to turn up your heating to compensate for this?

If you are experiencing this then don’t worry, you’re not alone, and often it’s not a major issue and can be sorted out quite quickly yourself at home…

The most common problem causing radiators not to heat up properly is air trapped in the system and resolving this can be done in no time at all.

You’ll need just two pieces of equipment to release any trapped air in your radiators, these being a radiator bleed key and a dry cloth. If you don’t have a radiator bleed key, then you can buy these from any DIY store.

It’s very important that you turn off your heating and hot water before you start.


Place your dry cloth under the radiator so that you can catch any water that may be released when you’re releasing trapped air, find the bleed screw on your radiator (this is usually found at the top of the radiator on the side or back) and using your bleed key turn the screw anti-clockwise slowly until you hear a hissing noise. The screw should never be turned more than 2 complete rotations as the bleed screw should never be fully released.

Once the hissing noise has stopped and you find small amounts of water coming out from the bleed screw, tighten up the screw again but make sure you don’t do it up too tight!

This simple procedure should sort out those rouge radiators of yours and have your rooms back to being nice and toasty in no time at all.

9 times out of 10 this should resolve your problem but if not then we’d recommend you call out your local heating engineer.