Seven signs to Look Out for To Avoid a Boiler Breakdown

Your boiler’s job is to keep you, your family and your home warm, simple as that. While it always needs to be in good working condition and serviced annually, sometime they just stop working.

It’s important to recognise when your boiler may need attention, before it has chance to break down, so here are 7 tips you can look out for to avoid a boiler breakdown.

1. Are Your Radiators Working Properly?

There are a number of reasons for this.  If you’ve already tried bleeding your radiators, but they still have cold spots, your boiler could need attention. If you’re still not feeling the benefit of your radiators, you could have a problematic boiler on your hands.

2. Do You Have Leakage Around Your Boiler?

Leakages from and near your boiler are a sure sign that it might be about to break down. Even if the leak itself isn’t visible, keep an eye out for signs of leakage from the pipes. Run your hands along the pipes and see if there is water on your hands (if the pipes are hot please wear gloves.)

3. Does The Pilot Light Look Different?

All pilot lights should be burning strong and blue. If the flame appears longer than usual or a different colour like yellow or orange – contact an engineer immediately.

4. Is Your Boiler or Pipework Making A Racket?

Is your boiler or pipes are making any weird and wonderful noises like humming, clanking or ticking? If you’ve noticed these sounds emitting from your boiler or pipes, it could indicate any number of problems which you’ll need to fix to avoid breakdown. Simply put, if your boiler is making funny noises, make sure it’s looked at.

5. Is Your Water Always Cold?

Do you like cold showers or baths? Of course not, no one does, so if your water’s cold, it’s something you can’t ignore. But why is the water always cold? It may well mean there’s a problem with your boiler, failing to perform its main job. If you’re finding your water to be continually cold, contact HomeServices Assistance and we’ll be right out to fix the problem.

6. Is Your Thermostat Not Working Properly?

Thermostats are usually found in the hallway of your property and control the central heating of your home. If the controls aren’t working, it could be for a number of reasons – perhaps it’s old and has lost accuracy in reading time and temperature. Or it may indicate a problem with the boiler itself.

7. Can You See Sooty Black Marks?

Sooty black marks on your boiler may indicate the beginning of a serious problem, which can be highly dangerous if left untreated, and most certainly indicate that your boiler is heading for breakdown. If you detect any such marks, contact a Home Services Gas Safety registered engineer as soon as possible.