Sheffield plumber top-plumbing tipsHere at Home Services Assistance, plumbers in Sheffield, we want to help you in your home as much as possible, so we’ve put together our top 10 plumbing hints and tips.

1. Wrap Your Pipes

Water only freezers when it is stationary and not moving, so wrapping them will prevent this from happening. Also any pipes that protrude the outside wall will need to be wrapped.

2. Take a Look Under Your Sink

Every once in a while move all the cleaning products and take a good look under that unit. We all store things under the sink that makes it impossible to see any leaks. Wipe all the pipe work down with a clean dry cloth and see if it is wet, if so you have a leak coming from somewhere.

3. Radiators

Radiators should be on a level and not set at a angle, don’t forget they fill with water and if they aren’t straight the whole radiator will not fill up properly and you will lose some of that heat in the winter months. And when it condenses will drain back to the boiler.  You should also make sure you regularly bleed your radiators. Radiators that aren’t bled regularly will fill with air and make your whole central heating system less economical.

4. A Leaky Water Heater is a Dead Water Heater

The main problem here is the lining wears away and water escapes from the base of the heater, If a lot of water is dripping call the manufacturer, it may well be it is still under warranty, but if you have to replace it get them to install a pan at the base for any future problems.

5. Replace Washers and Gaskets

Replace your washers and gaskets. Having some spare in the shed is always a blessing. They are much cheaper than replacing the whole fixture.

6. Taps Don’t Last Forever

A tap is a mechanical thing, so eventually it’s going to leak. Some people like the taps that are already there, even if they’re older; others prefer to install new ones. There’s a point at which the taps are so old and corroded that it will be difficult to get parts for them. A lot of the time it’s simply cheaper to install new ones.

7. Hard Water

If you live in a hard water area, you’re likely to have lime scale deposits build up  around taps and shower heads. Use a suitable lime scale remover regularly to prevent the problem becoming too bad. Vinegar is a great alternative to expensive cleaners. There are plenty of other less obvious areas where lime scale can build up – pipes, washing machines and dishwashers, and boilers and heating systems. Additives for heating systems can be used to protect them. If you have the budget, consider fitting a water softener.

8. Emergency Flush

Well maybe not exactly an emergency but if your toilet cistern fails for some reason, a bucket of water poured into the pan does a reasonable job of flushing until it can be fixed.

9. Shower Heads

10. Keep a Plumber Handy

And the top tip is quite simple ALWAYS keep a plumber’s number handy just in case you come across a job that you just can’t do alone. Here at Home Services Assistances our plumbers are on call 27/7  and can carry out all types of work you may require.