Vaillant BoilerIf you’re looking to buy a new boiler for your home, then size really does matter!  But what do you need to consider when assessing what size you need?

Size and type of Property

Obviously the larger your property is then the bigger the boiler you will require, but it’s not just about the size and number of rooms that you have which determine what size boiler you require; things such as number of outside walls will make a difference i.e. if you’re in a detached property you’ll experience more heat loss through your outside walls compared with being in a terraced town house which has properties attached at either side and the number of bathrooms your boiler needs to supply will also make a huge difference.

Number of Radiators

The number of radiators your boiler needs to run is another consideration for you, obviously the more radiators you have then the more work your boiler needs to do to supply these, as a rule of thumb 10 or less radiators will only need a small boiler, but 20 or more will need a larger boiler to ensure they work efficiently.

Number of People

The number of people living in the property also has a huge bearing on the size of boiler required, as a property with a family of five will demand much more from your boiler with heating, baths, showers and washing up all likely to be occurring consecutively thus putting greater demands on the boiler, but if you’re living on your own then there is likely to be less demands on your boiler at any one time.

Home Services Assistance can supply and install your new boiler specific to your requirements, and with supply and installation starting from just £1,300 for an Ideal Boiler to £1,900 for a Vaillant Boiler we can find the right boiler at the right budget for you.

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