Close-up view of blue flames in gas boiler
Close-up view of blue flames in gas boiler

People in Doncaster and elsewhere shouldn’t hesitate to call out a boiler repairs specialist if they think there’s something wrong with their appliance, as a boiler can actually prove to be quite dangerous if not maintained and serviced regularly.

Spotting whether your boiler poses a risk can be difficult if you don’t know what warning signs to look out for. If you’re finding it tricky to light a fire, if there is soot or stains near your fuel-burning appliance and if the flames are burning orange or yellow instead of blue, then it’s possible that there may be a problem and you should call out a boiler repairs expert as soon as possible in order to have it looked at.

Any heating system that runs on gas, oil or coal can give off carbon monoxide if it’s faulty or not serviced regularly. Carbon monoxide is widely known as the silent killer, because it’s very difficult to detect if there’s a gas leak. The gas itself is both tasteless and odourless, and it only takes a short while for carbon monoxide inhalation to result in either a coma or death. NHS figures show, in fact, that up to 50 people are killed each year because of carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of a faulty heating appliance.

The best way to protect yourself and your family is to have your boiler serviced on a regular basis by a professional boiler installation and repair company. However, you can also invest in a carbon monoxide detector that works similarly to a fire alarm – although bear in mind that these should only be used as a warning device and should not take the place of regular service and maintenance of your boiler.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your boiler is in good working order and that there is always enough ventilation in your boiler room – essential for helping to reduce the impact of any gas leaks. Have your flues and chimneys cleaned regularly so you know they’re clear of any blockages as well.

If you do think that your boiler is damaged or faulty, it’s vital that you act quickly to have it repaired. By law boilers must be inspected at least once a year by a qualified gas engineer to qualify for the Gas Safety Inspection Certificated (CP12). If you rent your home rather than own it, be aware that it’s your landlord’s responsibility to ensure that all gas appliances and pipework are working safely. They will also have to arrange for an engineer to come out and fix any faulty appliances, carry out annual safety checks and keep a record of these checks, providing you with a copy for your own records.

Those of you who are worried about a possible leak can call Gas Emergency Services, the Health and Safety Executive or the Gas Safe Register for further advice on the matter.