Things that make you go yuk - August 2016A leak anywhere on your property can be problematic, you’ll think about the damage it may cause, the disruption and even the increase in your water bill, but do you ever think that a leak may also invite some unwanted residents into your property!

That’s right, a leak that is left unattended could in fact cause an influx of household pests into your property, as they are attracted to water and damp environments.

If you do see a sudden increase of insects or pests in or around your property, then it could be an indication that you’ve sprung a leak and you’ll be well advised to investigate this a little further to double check.  Areas particularly vulnerable inside of your property are underneath your fridge if you have a plumbed in appliance, behind your washing machine or dishwasher, underneath your sink in your kitchen or bathroom and any other appliance that is plumbed in.

A leak may not be the only cause as it may be the seals around your pipes coming into your property that have degraded over time which open up gaps allowing pests to enter into your property.

But, if you are suffering don’t worry as all of these problems can be fixed, give us a call on 0333 313 3134 and we’ll send one of our local, qualified plumbers out to investigate the problem and get this fixed for you in no time.