Hot tubs used to be the thing for the rich and famous, but nowadays with the costs coming down significantly they are becoming much more widespread and are a popular choice for many homeowners across the UK.

You can purchase hot tubs now, not just from specialist dedicated retailers found on the high street or online, but from auction and bidding sites and even from the local classifieds in your area and there are a whole host of options to select from in terms of design and functions, the choice is quite simply mind blowing!

As part of your selection process you’ll also have considered how you’re going to get your hot tub into your garden – will you need a crane to lift it in, or is there already adequate access to your garden? Do you already have a suitable base for it to sit on or will you need to have one built? Are you going to put a roof above the hot tub, and do you need any planning permission for any of this?

All of this adds to the cost of your hot tub, and in particular, if your buying from somewhere other than a specialised retailer, you might find that you need to organise all of this yourselves! Wow, you’ll be ready for a relaxing soak after all of this!

But have you also included the cost of a qualified tradesperson into your budget?

The good news is that you won’t need a plumber as your hot tub will be filled and topped up from your garden hose, however you will need to have a qualified electrician to connect your hot tub to your electrics.

Although you can get smaller systems, many hot tubs have a 20 amp RCD protected circuit with a 30mA trip which, although relatively simple and straightforward to connect to the electricity supply, this electrical work must be carried out by an Electrical Competent Person, in other words, by law, you cannot do this work yourself as it must be done by a qualified electrician as the hot tub should be permanently connected or hard wired into your mains supply – extension cables and other plug in connections should not be used for obvious reasons.

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