boiler repairs Halifax

The next time you call out Home Services Assistance for boiler repairs in Halifax, why don’t you ask us for any further advice about just how to use your appliance properly. In order to make the most of your boiler, you do need to know how to use it but it seems that a lot of you out there are lacking a certain amount of knowledge in this regard.

New research from flatsharing website Weroom has found that a third of people in London admit that they don’t know how to operate their boiler, while one-fifth said they had trouble with the washing machine and also struggled with the dishwasher and changing fuses.

What’s more, one in ten said they couldn’t boil an egg, nearly one in three couldn’t cook a roast dinner, 17 per cent said they couldn’t clean the oven or change the vacuum cleaner bag, 22 per cent struggled to register for a TV licence, 14 per cent had a hard time registering to vote and 15 per cent found it hard to turn radiators on and off, Homes and Property reports.

CEO of Weroom Thomas Villeneuve said: “Living with housemates is a great way to enhance your skill set. Flatsharing provides an opportunity to live with like-minded people and gives an opportunity to share ideas, insights and skills.”

While this may be true, the study also found that 15 per cent would Google something to fill in the blanks in their knowledge or experience, while ten per cent would watch a YouTube video to help cement the basics of something.

Whenever you get a new appliance, you’ll generally find that they come with a handbook to help you troubleshoot any problems. Boilers are no exception so make sure that you do take the time to sit down and read it once your boiler installation experts have had your new appliance fitted. As well as actually reading your handbook, you would also be wise to ask your tradesman for any help and advice while they’re actually there.

Here at Home Services Assistance, our team of experts have unrivalled knowledge about boiler installation and servicing, and are perfectly placed to answer any and all questions you may have. Boilers can be very expensive to buy so if you want to prolong their life (and keep your cash in your back pocket where it belongs) make sure you know as much as you can about how to operate your boiler properly and safely.

It’s vital that you make sure your boiler is in good working condition for your own peace of mind. What might be advisable is setting up an affordable boiler cover plan to help save you money, while a regular boiler service can ensure that your appliance works more efficiently and reduces the chances of an emergency in the future. We can arrange all this for you so get in touch today to see how we can help.