Top Boiler IssuesYou don’t really realise how much you rely on your boiler until it breaks down, no heating and no hot water can lead to a whole host of misery and inconvenience and even though we’re heading towards warmer months it’s still always best to look out for those tell-tale signs that there may be something wrong with your boiler and call out an engineer to take a look.

Faults and issues that may not cause you too much trouble in the summer months as you’re not using your boiler to its full potential may not seem that important, but if left can further damage your boiler and cost you more to repair than dealing with the issues as soon as you find them.

Top things to look out for are: –

Cold Radiators – Ok, you might not need them as the weather is getting warmer, but it’s worth checking that they are warm all over when your heating is on, colds spots may just mean that your radiator needs to be bleed, but if that doesn’t clear up the problem you may need a power flush on your system to clear out the sludge and deluge that’s built up over the winter months, and leaving this in your system will only cause more build up over time.

Leakage – If you have any leaks coming from your boiler, even if it’s just a small drip this needs to be looked at by an engineer as it indicates a breach in your system.

Pressure Loss – If your boiler keeps on loosing pressure then it indicates that there is a leak somewhere in your system and an engineer will need to come to identify where the problem is occurring.

No Hot Water – No hot water could be down to a whole host of problems so you’ll need to call an engineer to do full diagnostics to identify the problem.

Incorrect Thermostat – As thermostats age they can become less accurate and therefore switch heating one and off when not required.  New thermostats are not expensive and can be installed by a qualified engineer very quickly.

Pilot Light Going Out – Your pilot light should be on at all times when your boiler is in operation, if you need to keep on lighting it then it indicates there is an issue, this could be something as simple as a build-up of deposit in the light or a draft from an open window could be causing the issue, but it’s always best to get this checked out by a qualified engineer.

Strange Noises – All boilers make a noise, and you’ll be used to your own boiler noises.  However, if your boiler starts to make an unusual or strange noise then this needs to be looked at, it could be something as simple as air in your system or something more serious so it’s always best to call out a qualified engineer to come and take a look.

If you do notice any of the above issues with your own boiler, it’s always best to call out a qualified engineer to come and fix the problem and fixing them as soon as you’ve noticed them can save you a lot of money and inconvenience.

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