Smiling Senior Man With Bill Adjusting Central Heating Thermostat
Smiling Senior Man With Bill Adjusting Central Heating Thermostat

Ok, so summer is not quite over at the moment, but it won’t be long before autumn is upon us and your thoughts are turning to your heating, and how much it’s going to cost you this year!

When the colder months set in it can be a worrying time for some people, recent research is showing that over 602,000 households in the UK live in fuel poverty which is an alarming number.  With the elderly being the most susceptible to the colder weather, and also accounting for many of those included as living in fuel poverty, now is a good time to take a look at what can be done to help make savings in their households before the winter months set in and heating is needed.

Obviously tariffs are one thing that you can look at to reduce the costs of heating, but did you know that simply changing and upgrading the thermostat could also save hundreds of pounds in heating bills?

Thermostats, particularly in older homes with older heating systems, can degrade over time, which could result in homes being heated at much higher temperatures than required if the levels are not being recorded correctly.  The timers and setting could also not function correctly, or be quite difficult to understand and operate which can be an issue particularly with the elderly who may be suffering with arthritis or reduced eye sight.

Updating the thermostat could therefore be a great option, and can be done on most existing heating systems with ease, at a low cost, and with very little disruption.  There are many models available, from the all singing all dancing Smart Thermostats such as Nest which you can control your heating from your mobile phone, or to simpler models with large buttons, and easy programming, but all giving back control of the heating system to the homeowner.

A heating engineer can come out and test your thermostat to make sure it is working correctly and can advise you on upgrades if required, along with giving you a full run through on how to use them and get the very best out of your heating system.