It’s a dilemma isn’t it, your water may be off due to repairs, or there may be maintenance working going on in your area which has resulted in your neighbourhood being turned off for a while and you need to use the toilet!

Well, did you know that you don’t actually need the water operating from the mains for your toilet to work? Of course you still need water, but in the event of you needing to use your toilet whilst the water if off, then you can still flush! Here’s how …

Toilets don’t use pressure or running water to work, they work simply off gravity, and when you flush the water tank on your toilet simply empties into the toilet bowl and pushes everything down the drain using gravity alone.

Directly after you flush a toilet the tank refills itself ready for the next flush, so you should always have one flush left in your toilet once the water has been turned off.

In the event that you’ve used your ‘saved flush’ from your tank, then all you need to do is to manually fill up your tank again with water and it’s good to go again, pardon the pun! The water you use can be from anywhere, you could even fill up a bucket from your rainwater store if you have one in the garden, after all, the water is literally just going back down the drain when you flush, so problem solved!

Good to know if you’re ever caught short!