boiler repairs wakefield

If you find you’re having to call out Wakefield boiler repair companies on a regular basis to come and have your appliance serviced or fixed, it might be time think about investing in a new one. A faulty boiler can be very dangerous if it leaks carbon monoxide gas, so it’s important that you do replace yours if it is causing lots of problems.

Boilers have a typical shelf life of between ten and 15 years so if yours is coming to the end of its run, do some research into the different types of product available to you. There are three main types of boiler you can choose from – combi, conventional and system boilers.

Combi boilers

Here in the UK, combi boilers are the most popular option for homeowners because they’re so efficient and can be installed discretely somewhere like a kitchen cupboard. No one wants to have a big clunky appliance on show, which is why combi boilers are a particularly good choice if you’re especially house proud and want your home to look and feel as comfortable as possible. What’s more, a combi boiler will provide you with both central heating and hot water, so you don’t have to have a separate hot water cylinder.

Conventional boilers

A conventional boiler features a gravity fed water system, with an expansion tank and feeder usually kept in the attic. A water cylinder is then placed in an airing cupboard or similar, with the boiler stored somewhere else. You still see these in a lot of homes but advancements in technology mean that they’re gradually being phased out.

System boilers

These work in a similar way to the conventional boiler but you don’t need to keep a feeder or expansion tank in your loft. There is still a separate hot water cylinder, however, and if you consider it necessary you can have an emersion heater included just in case of emergencies.

There is a fourth option you might want to consider if you’re keen to turn your house into an eco-home and that’s a biomass boiler. These work by burning wood pellets, logs or chips to help power hot water boilers and central heating. According to the Energy Saving Trust, by having a wood-fuelled biomass boiler installed you could save yourself up to £990 each year when compared with electric heating.

When considering a wood-fuelled heating system, you need to think about whether you have a local fuel supplier (although some companies do offer deliveries anywhere in Britain and Northern Ireland). You’ll also need to consider whether you have the space for it, since wood boilers are typically larger than their oil or gas counterparts.  You will also need somewhere to store your fuel that’s both convenient for deliveries and also for you feeding your new boiler.