smart thermostats save energy

We’ve all heard the term “Smart Thermostat” or seen the adverts on TV…”controlling your heating with your phone”, but what exactly is a Smart Thermostat?

There are a wide variety of Smart Thermostats available on the market, and this list seems to be ever-growing. In essence, the Smart Thermostat is designed to simplify your heating habits; the system learns your daily heating routines and over initial setup period and then adjusts your heating settings accordingly for you. There should never be the need to come home to a cold house again.  Additionally, through the apps, you can control your heating from almost anywhere, so if your habits change for one day, you can tell the heating to come on and have the house warm for your return.  It also means that, in essence, you don’t even need to get up from your sofa to change your room temperature; you can just do it from your phone.

So, Why Should you Get a Smart Thermostat?


They look so good! Unlike the usual thermostat, Smart Thermostats are contemporary in design and have attractive LED screens. So, no more unattractive plastic dials of the past; Smart Thermostats are a modern look to suit any home. They are unobtrusive and pleasing to the eye.

User Friendliness

Smart Thermostats provides a simplistic user experience and superior control to your old style thermostat. There is a user-friendly interface on the unit itself, with the option to adjust the heating from the simple to use app.  The display on the thermostat is high resolution ad displays the current temperature.  They are quick and easy to install and set up and can either be fixed to the wall or stand freely on a table.


Does your old thermostat learn your habits? No. Smart Thermostats learn from your initial heating preferences, identifying when you want the house warmer and when you want it cooler.  Some of them even incorporate a weather watch algorithm, which checks the local weather forecast to see if it needs to turn up the heating.

Also, by connecting to the Wi-Fi, Smart Thermostats modulate the power needed from your boiler.  You monthly energy usage can be recorded so you can monitor your heating behaviours through the app and, as a result, you can identify where and when you are able to make potential savings.

Money Saver

Because a Smart Thermostat learns and adapts to efficiently heat your home, they can considerably decrease your energy usage and therefore your bills.  Some of them have an “away” option, meaning that the house isn’t heated when no-one is there. It does this by using your phone connection to identify when the house is empty.  And it’s not just the home owner’s mobile phone that it learns from. A number of handheld devices can be paired with the system, so everyone in the household can get involved in heating the home efficiently.  Not only does a smart thermostat learn from your energy usage routines, but it also encourages you to be energy aware, meaning your energy bills should reduce even more.

For more information on a wide range of Smart Thermostats, visit our Smart Thermostats page. Here you can watch videos on 6 different Smart Thermostats and even arrange to buy one and have it installed from just £10 per month.