When Was Your Last ServiceIf you’re a car owner then we can be quite certain that you know when you last had your vehicle serviced, and that you’ve got it in your household budget for when the next service is due, are we right?

Well, how about when your boiler was last serviced, and when the next one is due? Does the same apply to that?

Sadly, many homeowners don’t apply the same priority to the servicing of their boilers as they do their cars, and some don’t even consider this at all which is unfortunately in some cases leaving them with a hefty repair bill and a whole host of inconvenience.

“Yes, but my boiler is only a few years old and still under warranty” we hear you say! But just like any other mechanical device such as your car, parts can still malfunction and any normal wear and tear needs to be maintained to keep it in tip top working condition. Furthermore, just like your car warranty, annual boiler servicing is a condition in your boiler warranty, and therefore if you don’t keep up with this it can be invalidated.

Here at Home Services Assistance, you can have your boiler serviced for just £49.00 ensuring that your boiler safe, efficient and in good working order, and that your warranty is valid.

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