Home protection devices are something we take for granted sometimes, but they protect our properties and our families – but what if your home were to suffer a burst pipe? Would you know how to stop this? Could you protect your home, your family and your sentimental items?

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Essentially, when a problem does not affect us, we don’t really think about it. If you moved into a house and later on it were to be burgled, the first thing you would do is up the security, and maybe wonder why you did not invest in the extra security before.

The Surestop essentially works in the same way, not many KNOW that they need protection from a potential burst pipe, until they have actually suffered from this. All you have to imagine is if you had a burst pipe, your home is being flooded, would you be able to turn your water off? Do you know where your stopcock is? Would you be able to turn it?

All of these questions sound terribly worrying although we are not trying to scare you! Surestop is a budget solution to an age old problem, allowing you to turn off your mains water at the flick of a switch, quickly and easily. The remote switch operates solely on water pressure and does not require any batteries or electrics.

Due to its convenient fitting, anyone can turn their mains water off by pressing a button in an easily accessible location, it’s as simple as that! Think about this for a moment, do you turn your mains water off before you go on holiday? Probably not. Yet we comprehensively make sure we have locked all the doors, unplugged all electrics and set the house alarm.

The reason as to why we don’t turn our water off? It is inconvenient, in involves having to reach or crawl into inconvenient spaces to reach our stopcock, whereas unplugging electrical items does not involve this. Allowing yourself a convenient remote switch placed on a wall, on a surface top or in a cupboard will allow you to tick ‘turn off mains water’ off your checklist!

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